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What Your Vestry Has Been Up To

Every year your Vestry meets to dream and discuss what they would like to see St. Jude's accomplish for that year.  In 2020, our goals were to add five new families before the end of the year. To accomplish this our aim was to advertise more by attending community events and purchasing banners and magnetic bumper stickers.  In addition, we would encourage everyone to invite new people.  Our really big goal was to open a Thrift Store offering clothing, furniture, etc.  Of course, no one imagined how 2020 would turn out.   So we had to do some new visionary work.

July's Vestry Meeting was spent doing just that.  Above you will see our visionary boards.  Rev. Phyllis had us doing some scrapbooking.  We looked through a variety of magazines using our imagination and cutting  what appealed.   Above are the results.  And what great results they were . . . 

Cultivate Kindness

Serving up love; Legacies of faith; Petals of happiness; Recipe for success; Hope blooms

Journeys of Faith

Hungry for adventure; More places where kids can be kids; Today's visionaries, Tomorrows future

A family aligned curriculum

We're in this together

Remember the Future

You're invited; Do something amazing; Change goes in, change comes out; Family

Help us to dream and put our plans into action

"In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."

James 2:17

To the Rescure

I am here; 6 ways to think big; The gift of cash; See yourself succeeding; Cultivating better health

Keys to Building Bountiful

Healing hearts through art; Rock of ages; People who care; Behind every student there's a story

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